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Thought of the month by Max Strom

There was a really good reason that workers once banded together to enforce an eight-hour workday. Now, excessive hours is becoming the norm again in today's work force, from office workers to executives. We have a trend of people working 55-60 hour weeks and even being available into the night to answer emails or text messages in the middle of the night because they cannot sleep. (Never connecting the dots that the reason they cannot sleep is because they push their nervous system to the breaking point.) When we work too much and don't sleep enough, at the end of the day we don't have the brain energy or inspiration to pursue the things that are truly important to our life - even to our primary relationships- we only want to rest and be entertained before we collapse into our bed and hope that we can sleep through the night. So, there is a huge cost vs. benefit to 60-hour workweeks and 6 hour a night sleep habit. Some have to work insane hours just to scrape by. Others work insane hours because they are expected to or simply believe that it is the new normal. Is this the new normal we want? Is there something we can do individually in our own life to change this? (Something to think about at 3am.)  

   - Max Strom - Teacher / Speaker / Author (www.maxstrom.com)