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Turning inwards can be intense. To best support you on that inward journey, AIRYOGA offers diverse yoga retreats and yoga travels in cooperation with select partners. Be it in Switzerland, in Europe or worldwide - you will always remember this special time away and carry it in your heart for ever!

In these handpicked, powerful places for withdrawal from the world, you can expect an oasis of peace and space for reflection, combined with a lush atmosphere and delicious cooking. You will not only benefit from your body and mind gaining strength and relaxation through this intense yoga experience, but you will also witness a cleansing and pampering thanks to the delicate nutrition.

Assisted by highly qualified teachers, you will venture onto an outer and inner journey, which will support your yoga practice in a holistic way, not to mention regenerate your body and soul. This in turn, will lead to deep and long-lasting tranquility. Let such a retreat infuse you with new strength and allow yourself to return to your daily life, in harmony with yourself.

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From Sunday, October 9, to Friday, October 14, 2022 AIRYOGA teachers Natalia Knuchel and Tanja Forcellini invite you once more to join them for a week of Yoga and Mindfulness in the cozy Hotel Medelina, in the Surselva region, Grisons.

At this unique place of power - far away from everyday life - we will practice Yoga asana, mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises and sitting in silence. Read more...

Towards the end of the year our inner batteries seem to run on low.

Come and join experienced yoga teacher Claire Dalloz from Thursday, November 10, through Sunday, November 13, 2022 in the beautiful Sutra House in Riehen near Basel, to reawaken your physical and mental strenght, to revitalize and take time for yourself. Moments of stillness and silence will support you in your endeavour to connect to your inner essence.

This prolonged weekend retreat is suitable for yoga students with a regular practice of at least two years. Read more…

During this long and nourishing weekend from Thursday afternoon, December 1, to Sunday noon, December 4, 2022 at the beautiful Sutra House in Riehen near Basel, we will turn our gaze inward to reconnect with our true nature, our sensations, our visions and desires. We will work on our physical and mental flexibility and learn more about resilience and self-care in everyday life.

This long weekend with AIRYOGA teachers Frank Schmid and Tanja Forcellini includes regular Yoga practice, mindfulness exercises, sitting in silence, exercises to strengthen your resilience in everyday life, nourishing food and enough time to enjoy the pool, sauna and steam bath.

Take the opportunity to slow down, get inspired and start anew. Read more...

As humans we are social beings. We need intimacy, touch and communication to remain healthy and happy. At the same time, conflicts and frictions can transform into valuable teachings on our path of growth.

During this retreat week at the Metta Villa in the southwest of France, we will practice Asana according to Vinyasa and Yin Yoga methods. We will use the breath, sound, mantra, quiet reflection and sharing circles as tools to ask ourselves open questions about our relationship with others and ourselves. The four Brahma Viharas will be our guiding lights in this process.
Diligently taking care of the relationship with ourselves will translate into our relationship with the world and other beings.

Manuela Peverelli and Elisa Malinverni will jointly guide this yoga retreat from Sunday, April 16, through April 23, 2023. Read more...

In spring, the Greek island of Paros is quiet and not very touristy.

From Saturday, May 27, through June 3, 2023, we will enjoy daily yoga with our local host and experienced yoga teacher Sasy Chasomeri at the popular Okreblue Eco Retreat Center, memorable sunrises, fine food and Greek hospitality.

This week by the sea will offer all you need to relax and unwind. Read more...