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Simona Gabrieli

Yoga goes far beyond the practice of asana. Simona is deeply fascinated by the infinity of yoga. In each yoga class, we are confronted with ourselves, our thought patterns and the way we act and react. This gives us the opportunity to come closer to our true selves. Discovering and connecting with this true self, playing with our own limitations and leaving the comfort zone, is a constant challenge.
For Simona, Yoga is a source of strength, calmness, clarity and freedom. Staying open, accepting the now, surrendering and learning to let go are processes that nourish us from within.
Simona has been practicing yoga since 2007. In 2011, she attended the 200-hour (YA) Teacher Training with Patricia Thielemann in Berlin. Since 2012, she has been practicing with her teacher Michael Hamilton and completed his Advanced Teacher Training in spring 2016. Currently, Simona is assisting in his Ashtanga Mysore Style Programme at AIRYOGA Zurich.
She teaches in German and English.