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Gisela Collazo

Since her first encounter with Yoga in 1995, Gisela has practiced and studied with many amazing and gifted teachers. She has delved into Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa in Mysore, Anusara, Classical Hatha Yoga and Birthlight Pre + Postnatal and Well Woman Yoga. She has completed over 500-hours Yoga Alliance accredited training and many further education courses. She is a Training Tutor for Birthlight and leads international trainings in Perinatal Yoga.
Gisela has been teaching since 2004. By guiding her students through the physical form and focusing on the breath, she invites them to make their own inner explorations and discover the qualities of joy and gratitude that lie within themselves. Students appreciate her calm and positive manner, her precise and detailed instructions, and the mix of power and restoration that they take away from her classes. 
Gisela's work in Birthlight Yoga has enriched her practice and teaching immensely. By freeing up the rigid physical form of asana to tune into the body's rhythms and seasons, we develop a deep awareness and confidence in our own intuitive wisdom. We promote trust, faith and acceptance for what is, and make space for what is to come. We foster self-nurture and gentleness towards ourselves, which we can then spread to those around us.
Gisela teaches her classes in English. For more information visit her website www.yogaprema.ch