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Monika Scherer

Since her first encounter with yoga over 10 years ago, Monika's practice and teaching has focused more and more on this one moment - the here and now. We observe how our bodies and minds feel, and make space for this instant. Her commitment to her Ashtanga Yoga practice continues to guide her development and moves her away from the linear. Influential teachers on this path include Heidi Aemisegger, Stephen Thomas and Julie Martin.
In her teaching, Monika favors a holistic experience of the body. She values alignment, and encourages the practitioners to find their own expression of yoga. She invites her students to experience all of the aspects of the practice on the mat in their everyday lives as well - and also vice versa. Moments of stillness are interspersed with movement, and flowing transitions are just as important as the poses themselves. 
Monika teaches in German and English. Please also visit her website www.lilayoga.ch