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Roberto de Cicco

For Robi, yoga is a love story that began almost 20 years ago on a trip to India, and that has not let go of him since. To perceive and discover one's own body again and again, to explore the connections with the mind... he sometimes feels like a scientist who constantly has AHA moments.
Robi loves the aesthetics in the yoga postures and the inner attitude associated with it.. As a former football player, the transition from sport to yoga was very easy for him. Yes, the O-legs and some shortened tendons have remained, but also the condition and stamina.
His training includes over 500 hours with Stephen Thomas and Doug Keller at Airyoga. In addition, there are many years in Ashrams and Buddhist meditation centers. In his yoga classes, Robi integrates all elements he has received on his way so far and that he finds helpful. The fun factor must also not be neglected.
In addition to his years in South East Asia and India, Robi also spent a long time in Ireland and Peru/Bolivia, where the yoga practice took place not only on the mat but also in the garden with farmers, in Vipassana retreats or during Ayahuasca/San Pedro and Kambo ceremonies.
Many inspiring people have left a lasting impression on him, including Tibetan lamas, an Irish artist, Indian yogis, a marketing consultant from Liechtenstein, and a Spanish shaman.
Robi teaches in German and English. For more information please visit www.touchandrituals.ch