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Zuzia Bohdanowicz

Zuzia took her first yoga class in 2005. Until that day, she had officially hated any kind of physical exercise. From yoga, she was hoping to obtain even more relaxation than she thought she already had. She turned out to be wrong. Ever since then, she has been practicing yoga intensively. The first few years were a real ordeal, but the physical, mental and emotional benefits she experienced were definitely worth the pain. In 2011, Zuzia graduated from the AIRYOGA 200h teacher training in Zurich. Since 2012, she has been continuing her studies at the Yogakademie (Doris Echlin/Lucerne). In her teaching, she is trying to get across what yoga means to her. Her classes are versatile, accessible for beginners and in touch with every day life. Zuzia can easily relate to the students that initially struggle with their yoga practice (blocks, belts and blankets are our best friends!). She teaches in German and English.