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The ideal Vinyasa morning or lunch time practice for yogis of all levels who have a basic knowledge of yoga: variations of sun salutation, standing postures, arm balances and back bends. The class will close with a deep relaxation.

This evening yoga practice with gentle movements, stretches, calm standing poses and a guided deep relaxation has a calming effect on your body and mind. This class promotes f.e. restful sleep and good digestion.

Slow flowing sequence introducing two classic arm balances – Bakasana and Bhujapidasana – and setting the foundation for many advanced asanas.

Diana will lead you through an advanced creative and playful Vinyasa Flow class focusing on intense hip opening. Detailed instructions on standing, seated and arm balancing poses help to build up strength, balance and flexibility.

Simple yoga postures with focus on back bends will lead you in this Vinyasa Flow class for yoga beginners into a grounding and freeing practice. In this Vinyasa style class all yoga postures are flowing into each other - just as a dance

Sabine connects in this Vinyasa class stability and ease, in this way practitioners of yoga will experiance balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Each yoga posture will be practiced in harmony with our breath and movement

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