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Yoga practice for pitta constitution with Rachel (58 min)

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Yogastyle: ISHTA Yoga (43 min)
Level: open level
Teacher: Rachel Zinman
Language of instruction: Englisch

The sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda is defined as the “Science of Life.” Each one of us has a specific constitution made up of a combination of the five elements. Earth water fire air and space.

Are you focussed, organised and detail orientated? Do you find yourself  getting overheated and frustrated or burnout when you work too hard? Are you strong and sturdy with well built musculature ? If so your constitution is most likely the combination of fire with a little bit of water, which is called Pitta Dosha. Pitta types need cooling, relaxing and calming postures to bring balance to their fiery passion.

Join Rachel Zinman and release unwanted tension through an energising and balancing practice which massages, strengthens and opens the whole body. The sequence includes a focussing Pranayama and mantra practice, a meditation combining breath, yantra and mantra to balance the fiery pitta heart and a short yoga nidra.

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