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Workshops & Intensive Trainings

AIRYOGA is the biggest promoter and host of yoga workshops in the area of Switzerland and Southern Germany; our tutorials are taught by the most renowned yoga teachers world wide.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi. Within the spacious and ideally equipped premises of AIRYOGA you can experience the big names of the yoga world first hand: Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Shiva Rea, Bryan Kest, Max Strom, Alan Finger, Doug Keller, Katchie Ananda, Eddie Stern and many more – they all have visited AIRYOGA before and enjoy coming back for workshops, trainings or immersions.

These special yoga occasions are advertised in advance in the AIRYOGA newsletter and on the AIRYOGA website. You can easily secure your spot by booking online. 

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EVERYDAY HERO is a collaboration between Mirjam and Aylin - two Yoga teachers, friends and everyday heroes. Together they have developed a unique 8 hour online yoga program for body and mind, with potent recipes and techniques to build a personal radiant scope and to master crisis.

The Everyday Hero Online Yoga Program is available through AIRYOGA with a 10% discount. The classes and lectures can be used unlimited for one year from date of purchase. Read more...

Especially in times of transition and change, our bodies and minds need rituals and recipes that clarify and nourish. Find more lightness and freshness by shedding old baggage. Energize your immune system, strengthen your resilience, purify, breathe free and feel the inner fire of transformation awaken within you.

Diana Schöpplein offers her 7-Day Online Detox Yoga Challenge as a group program starting Saturday, October 22, 2022 - or you can start it for yourself from the comfort of your own home. Read more...

In her weekend workshop on October 29, and 30, 2022, discover with Diana Schöpplein rituals from Yin and Restorative Yoga, Non-Linear and Somatic Movement, breath and breathwork, mudras and meditations that support us women to love ourselves more and to develop our creative potential.

Awaken and nourish your feminine expressiveness and sensuality. Enjoy the intimacy with yourself and arrive in your womanhood.

The sessions are suitable for all women who want to rediscover, experience and develop themselves. No previous yoga knowledge is necessary. Read more...

Don't miss the chance to learn from renowned author, speaker and global teacher Max Strom.

On Saturday, November 12, and Sunday, November 13, 2022 he will lead four unique and inspiring workshops at AIRYOGA. Read more...

Experience how you can optimize your body and mind through breathing techniques, cold exposure and focus exercises in this workshop on Sunday afternoon, November 13, 2022.

Jan Pekarek, experienced in ice bathing, will offer a theoretical insight into the processes that take place in our bodies when we come into contact with cold water. Under his professional guidance you will have the opportunity to bathe in the cold Lake Zurich and to feel how your mental focus, your breathing and your sensations change. Read more...

The breath has always played a crucial role in many spiritual traditions. In this two-part workshop you will experience the power of your breath and explore deeper dimensions of body, mind and soul.

AIRYOGA teacher Adrian Wirth and Guido Lenz - both very experienced in the yogic and schamanic world - will lead this unique workshop on Saturday and Sunday afternoon of November 19, and 20, 2022. Read more...

In this workshop on Saturday afternoon of November 19, 2022 with the experienced yoga teacher Claudia Eva Reinig, the focus of the yoga practice is on the element of water. All soft, flowing movements and everything that moves us alive strengthen this element.

In the Vinyasa Flow sequence you will feel the strength and flexibility of your body. At the end of the session the Yoga Nidra will offer you deep relaxation and letting go.
Breathing exercises and presence in silence frame your inner journey of adventure.

The workshop is appropriate for yoga practitioners of all levels and traditions. Read more...

In this 3-hour Functional Yoga Workshop on Sunday, November 20, 2022, with Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher Stefanie Castson, we will align the body, breath and mind to move with the help of selected use of the MyStrengthAbility Strap.
While strengthening and lengthening the body with the elastic loop band developed by Stefanie, familiar Asanas and Exercise to support the practice will be available in a whole new way. 

The workshop is recommended for all who want to know more about their body and the stability required to gain ability in a Yoga Asana Practice.
The MyStrengthAbility Loop Band and Fascia Double Balls will be provided for the workshop. Read more…

This workshop on Saturday afternoon, November 26, 2022 is for you if you have ever wanted to deepen your understanding of both the practice and the underlying philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga.

Under the experienced guidance of Ashtanga yoga teacher Chiara Castellan we will learn the essential postures of the primary and intermediate series of the Ashtanga system and the correct technique and alignment principles to them for a safe and effective practice.

Practitioners of all levels and styles are welcome.

The 'Shakti Shuttlez' invite you and your friends to their next uplifting Kirtan and Mantra singing at AIRYOGA on Saturday, November 26, 2022.

Everybody who enjoys singing, dancing or quietly listening is warmly welcome to join this special Kirtan evening. Read more...

Teaching great yoga is a craft. The step from a 200-hour teacher training to become a skillful teacher takes time, experience, reflection and in an optimal scenario: guidance.

In this 30-hour mentorship program with Mirjam Haymann starting on Saturday, January 21, 2023 you will receive Mirjam’s insight on how to navigate the yoga market: where and how she failed and what helped her to succeed. You will benefit from tools to deal with your own inner critic and your demons, so you can show up the way you truly want to and build a steady and confident path of yoga teaching. Read more...

The heart contains the capacity to love, to heal, to be inspired, joyous, grateful, to be fulfilled and abundant. In the right conditions, these aspects of yourself can be released to flow freely and enrich your daily life.

In this blossoming season, unleash the healing and transformative treasures of your heart with Peter Harper, an experienced spiritual guide with 40 years experience in self awareness and spiritual guidance.

Peter offers his workshops on Saturday and Sunday afternoon of May 13, and 14, 2023 to all, who want to dive deeper into the essence of the heart. Read more...

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We are looking forward to welcoming you.